Lovely Words loves Hug-a-Bear Day!

There are times when everyone can feel the ‘blues’. Times when we need the support and unconditional love of friends and family. Personalised wall art from Lovely Words can help to provide a reminder that we are not alone; to remind us that family and friends love and respect us. So grab your favourite teddy, and while you are giving it a huge hug, remember that the sun still shines behind the dark clouds. All clouds eventually fade away.Lovely Words - Gifts that make you smile

Background to Hug-a-Bear Day
The history of stuffed animals goes back a long way. Some archaeological evidence suggests as far as Ancient Egypt. We know for certain that plush toys first started hitting the scene in the 1830’s. The most iconic of all of them, the Teddy Bear, came about in 1902. Story goes that American President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was hunting, and refused to shoot a baby bear they came across.

Since that day the Teddy Bear has stood as the childhood toy that is given to almost every child. The term “Teddy” was even derived from the name of this self-same president. There are now millions of Teddy Bears produced every year, in a rainbow of styles and colours. No matter what your imagination may produce, there is sure to be a Teddy Bear that meets your idea of the perfect fuzzy protector.

Lovely Words ‘hugability’ gifts on Hug-a-Bear Day from our online shop 

This is our Family Tree product in our shop at available in a range of 15 different colours.

Family tree wall art showing your family tree on an Aqua Blue background as printable wall art or giclee print

Alternatively, convert those treasured photos into a special wall art feature. See in our shop at

Personalised Polaroid photo collage wall art with space for nine of your holiday memories using your own photos and captions. Makes a great photo gift or home décor, shown as framed wall art in a wooden box frame by Lovely Words

Or how about a ‘Home Sweet Home’ personalised family wall art? See in our shop at also available in a range of 15 different colours.

Home Sweet Home typography wall art with your family names and lovely words on a Flame Red background as a framed print in a wooden box frame by Lovely Words

Christmas is fast approaching. For your loved ones, why not consider a special personalised gift with a difference this year? We recommended that you shop early to avoid disappointment.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Christmas. Be it a special occasion, an event to be remembered or just a simple personalised message, our products are designed to bring a smile to your loved ones face and remind them how special they are.

So for a different idea of gifts that will please, look no further than

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